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Schoma Vehicles

A lovely pair of Schoma Engineering Work Vehicles for the London Underground. They were scratch built by Damian Philipsen in OO Scale. See more photos of these unusual locomotives in the Gallery.

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The long awaited order of motors is here in Australia, clearing customs at this time. There are 550 motors in this order, which should keep things going for some time. However this means I now have to go back and fill orders that have been waiting a long time, one customer goes back to May of 2016, so that order will be the first one off the rank. These orders are also quyite large, so will take me quite some time to fill, so I ask you please to be patient.

Stocked items are shipped almost immediately. Items that require assembly are placed in a queue and assembled in turn. At present, the waiting time is approximately 8 weeks.

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