BullAnt 10 Series Half Floor Gearbox

Compact Gearbox

An offset drive gearbox that can shift the drive train up or down to the level required, and effectively shortens the length of the motor/flywheel component. In the following drawing, a diesel outline model would normally present a problem for a standard in-line motor arrangement because of the short bogie centres. The effect is to make the inner ends of the bogies too close to fit a normal motor combination.

The BullAnt 10 Series Gearbox helps solve this problem by translating the drive centreline down below the motor and affectively 'folds' the drive train back on itself. Double ended Universal Joint cups make it possible to drive both bogies. Because of the low profile design of the BullAnt In-Line Power Bogie the overall height of the powertrain is kept within usable limits.

The 10 Series Gearbox accomodates Mashima 10 series flat can motors from the 1015 up to the 1024, providing a range of power and operating speed characteristics. The 1.8:1 ratio gearbox provides an additional reduction giving a final drive ratio of 47:1 for the In-Line bogies and 27:1 for the Gozunder bogies. This additional gearing can provide more power at low speeds for shunting locomotives.

The gearboxes can be mounted in any position, a handy feature that would allow the motor and flywheel to be partly situated under the floor by mounting the gearbox in an inverted position. This would leave more room inside the locomotive boby for weight or sound equipment. Placing the mounting ears of the gearbox half-way up the side of the motor makes it easier to fit the gearbox into an embedded position in the floor.


The 10 Series Gearbox comes with your choice of Mashima 10 Series motor already fitted. We would not normally supply the gearbox without the motor due to the need to accurately fit the brass gear to the motor shaft and test the completed unit. A fitted flywheel is a further option.

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