Athearn Budd RDC1

Replacement Drive to Seriously Improve Performance.

Budd RDC1

Photo by Mike Powell

This is a simple offer, send me your Athearn Budd RDC1 model with its dated rubber band drive, and for AUD$165 plus shipping, I will re-power it and return it running better than ever. Note that overseas customers only pay AUD$150 as our local Australian taxes do not apply to you. The conversion can also be applied to the dummy RDC1 as well for the same price.

You will get:

  1. A powerful 1628 Mashima motor powering one truck, with a silent 15:1 ratio belt drive.
  2. Large fitted flywheel.
  3. The trailing truck will be fitted with solid nickel-silver wheels, running in precision brass pin-point bearings and fitted with power pickup.
  4. Silent running with excellent low speed performance and realistic top speed.
  5. Can easily be re-wired for DCC control, motor connections are isolated from the frame.
  6. All parts removed during the re-powering are packed and returned to you.

This is actually a pretty good deal, as there is quite a lot of work involved in this conversion, probably more than you are paying for.

This is what the re-powered chassis looks like. In this case the customer's chassis had two different coloured side frames. Note that I remove the existing side frames and attach them to the BullAnt drive unit. The BullAnt belt drive is nothing like the old rubber band drive, it is silent and long-wearing.

Atheran Budd Re-powered

Sending the Model to Hollywood Foundry

Please package your model carefully to ensure it reaches us safely. Our delivery address is: Hollywood Foundry, PO Box 38, Garfield, VIC, 3814, Australia. Normal postal services are the best to get it to us, expensive courier services don't cut it.

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