Telescoping Cardan Shaft Kit

This kit provides all the components necessary to construct one telescoping Cardan shaft. It comprises a 51mm, or 2 inch, section of square brass tubing, two connectors, half a Universal Joint kit and two retainer cages for the horned ball section of the Universal Joint. The tubing is 3/32" or 2.38mm square, and can optionally be supplied in a 4" length.

Two machined connectors are provided to translate from the square section of the tubing to the circular section required to mate with the Universal Joint components. The square section of the connector is a neat fit inside the square brass tube, allowing it to slide in and out as the Cardan shaft rotates, thus allowing for changes in length as the model's bogies pivot. This is a similar principle as that used on Shay locomotives, where a square section Cardan shaft couples the Shay engine unit to the bogies.

Only one end of the Cardan shaft needs to telescope, so the other end can be soldered or glued into the square tubing. The retainer cages are etched stainless steel parts that hold the horned ball part of the Universal Joint inside the cup as the shaft extends. Without them, the ball would pull out of the cup and disconnect the linkage.

The connectors have a flat section machined into the round end to mate with the horned ball. The ball has a similar flat section moulded into it to ensure positive drive.

These Cardan Shaft Kits will find many applications for modelers, especially with underfloor mounting of bogies in trams and trolleys. They are intended as connecting shafts for the BullAnt Gozunder series of underfloor power trains, but are sold separately so they may be used for other applications.

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