Custom Ready-To-Go Mechanisms


Information Required.

You will need to tell us the following information in order to have this mechanism constructed:

1. Bogie wheelbase, or axle spacing. Either supply the scale size or the actual prototype dimensions. For 6 axle units, specify the spacing between the front axle and the centre axle, then the centre axle to rear axle.

2. Wheel size, in scale size or prototype dimensions.

3. The gauge you want to have the mechanism built for.

4. The bogie centres. The centre of the bogie is the middle axle for a 6 axle unit, or half way betwen the axles for a 4 axle unit.

5. The maximum scale speed you wish to achieve.

6. Which type of drive you prefer, gear or belt drive.

We will then prepare a dimensioned drawing of your mechanism that will be sent to you for approval before we sart construction of your mechanism.

Please enter the above details in the text box provided when you complete the next stage of the ordering process.

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