The Gurzeler

Named after the person who suggested the design, The Gurzeler is a belt-drive translator that shifts the drive line below the floor of the model. It allows the motor to be flat mounted on the top surface of the floor and with only a small 8mm by 2mm slot in the floor for the belt, drive is transferred beneath the floor.

Although primarily intended for tram/trolley use, it could also be used as a transfer box in a geared locomotive design, or freelance locomotive. Being free of gears, The Gurzeler does not contribute to machinery noise in the design and in fact helps isolate the motor from the drive train by using a 'rubber' connection.

The Gurzeler has been intentionally designed to the minimum outline size possible to make it as unobtrusive as possible in your model. The use of the belt drive allows considerable latitude in your design, as the spacing between motor and the translator is not critical, as it would be with gears. As a result, you can space the two components within a range of about plus or minus 4mm (using supplied or different sized belts) and even offset slightly to one side. If you require different size belts, these will be available.

The Gurzeler uses our standard belt-drive components with a high quality ball-bearing to support the drive shaft and take the belt tension load. It can be supplied in two forms, with the 1.5mm universal joint cups (Shown on the right) or with bare shafts to accept silicone tubing for coupling, seen at left.

What do you get?

You get either a universal cup type drive or a silicone tube coupled version, a 10mm diameter belt plus a spare, and four 1.4mm screws for fastening the drive to the floor.

The motor and the doubled-sided tape shown in the drawing are ordered separately as the motor drive package. The Motor can be supplied with a 6mm diameter pulley, which gives a 1:1 transfer ratio, or a 3.5mm pulley to provide a 1.8:1 transfer ratio. With the 6mm pulley, the total drive ratio to a Gozunder or LoBoy truck is 15:1, or with the 3.5mm pulley the ratio is 27:1.

If you cannot make up your mind as to which ratio is best for your purpose, you can order the motor equipped with both the 6mm and 3.5mm pulleys and see which is best for your application. The motor package comes in a choice of 5 motors sizes and can be ordered with the flywheel at the front, rear or no flywheel at all.

The drawing below shows the principle dimensions of The Gurzeler and motor combination. Click on the drawing for an enlarged view. By right clicking on the enlarged view, you can save it for closer examination in the viewer of your choice.

The drawing below shows suggestions for how The Gurzeler might be used. Click on the drawing for an enlarged view. Two of the three variations of motor configuration can be seen in the drawing.

In Example 1, the motor is fitted with both pulleys and a flywheel at the rear to conserve space.

Example 3 shows a motor fitted with a 3.5mm pulley only and a rear mounted flywheel.

Double sided tape is the motor mount of choice, as it makes for a very easy installation with no hole drilling and helps to isolate noise and vibration from the motor. Each motor package is supplied with sufficient tape to allow you to change your mind and fix it again.

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