Athearn Hustler Drive

Replacement Drive that tames the 'hustle'.

The Athearn Hustler was a very popular HO scale switcher that really lived up to its name, it could 'hustle' along at near Warp Factor speeds! It was produced in two versions, First Generation and Second Generation, and a wide range of road colors. It featured the Athearn Hi-F drive with rubber bands driving each axle. Not that there is anything wrong with band or belt drives, just that these days they are a little more sophisticated.

Two examples are shown below, with a Second Generation model on the left and a First Generation model on the right. Both have been fitted with the new Hollywood Foundry Hustler replacement drive.

Hustler Pair

For the purposes of the re-powering, a First Generation model is actually much easier to re-power than a Second Generation model.

The Hollywood Foundry replacement drive for the Hustler takes the 'hustle' out of the model and leaves you with a model that is a bit better suited to the role of switching. The drive unit, shown below, completely replaces all drive components in the original model, leaving only the cast Mazak frames and the body.

The conversion kit uses pin-point bearings on both versions, only the axle length is different. We supply brass pin-point bearings for the Second Gen model. The fitting process is quite simple, you remove the original motor and wheels and place the Hollywood Foundry drive between the frame sections and re-fasten them. However the motor mounting plate on the Second Gen frame fouls the new drive, whereas this is not so with the First Gen model. This is where the extra work comes in because you need to take a saw or Dremel to the frame and remove the motor mount section. This is the only arduous part of the process, and can be avoided if converting a First Gen model.

You need to select which model you are converting when purchasing the replacement drive. The reason is because Athearn changed the axle design between the two versions, the First Gen model had pin-point axles, while the Second Gen had shouldered axles running in brass bearings. We therefore have to supply different length axles depending upon which model you have.

The two drives are shown below to help you identify which version you have. The First Generation drive is shown on the right, while the Second Generation drive is on the left of the photos.

The new Hollywood Foundry drive features:

  • Large, slow revving Mashima motor with enough power to pull your socks off!
  • Large brass flywheel to coast over dirty track sections
  • Brass wheel bearings
  • Solid nickel silver wheels, NMRA RP25 Profile, Code 110
  • Superb low speed performance
  • Suitable for DCC control with most decoders
  • Able to be supplied in smaller gauges than HO
  • Simple, easy to fit drive supplied with all necessary parts and full instructions.

Please note the Hollywood Foundry Hustler drive is in HO gauge, but can also be supplied in smaller gauges for use in narrow gauge situations, talk to us if you want it supplied in a different gauge.

Here is a video on Youtube showing the drive fitted to one of the Hustlers:


We can also do a replacement drive mechanism for the Lima or Tyco 4 wheel dock shunter, same price as the Hustler.


Assembly Instructions

If you would like to take a look at the assembly instructions before buying, click on the links below to view the appropriate PDF file. By right clicking on the link, you can also download the PDFs for viewing at your leisure.

Assembly instructions for First Generation Drive

Assembly instructions for Second Generation Drive

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