The BullAnt In-Line Power Bogie

A new concept in power bogies, the BullAnt In-Line is a small, low profile unit with all the same choices as the standard powered BullAnt, but able to be driven from a centrally mounted motor of your choice. The multi-axle, multi-gauge design can be used to power modern image diesels, electric locomotives and DMU, EMU units in all scales.

The In-Line unit has a 26:1 or 27:1 drive ratio and an optional 15:1 drive ratio. The 26/27 to 1 ratio is primarily for freight or switching applications. A larger, slower revving motor can be used to drive the bogie(s) with double ended drive a distinct advantage. BullAnt gearboxes can be used to increase the drive ratio if slower, more powerful performance is required.

An optional 15:1 drive ratio can be chosen, at no cost, for faster applications such as passenger vehicles. The 15:1 box is slightly higher (3.4mm) than the 26:1 box and the drive input shaft is also 2mm higher.

A further option is a belt drive rather than the geared drive shown above. This drive is significantly quieter than the geared version. The belt drive unit is slightly higher(6.7mm) than the 26:1 box. This brings the input shaft up to level with the drive shaft of a 16xx series motor, thus making the driveline straight.

The photo series above shows a pair of In-Line bogies, each HO gauge, 22mm wheelbase with 10.5mm disc wheels. The bogies centres are 94mm and the motor is a Mashima MHK-1024 fitted with dual flywheels. This is not intended as a working model, but demonstrates how the In-Line bogies may be used.

The design of the In-Line unit yields a bogie significantly lower and narrower than conventional designs as shown in the following photograph against a popular mass-produced bogie.

The low profile can be teamed with a BullAnt Half-Floor mount or gearbox, to place the motor halfway in the floor. Part of the motor protrudes under the vehicle where it can be hidden by battery boxes, air reserviors or other under-floor equipment. A lesser part of the motor then occupies the above floor or cabin area, and can often be below window level.

We also offer Universal Joint kits, silver steel shafting, motors, flywheels designed to accept the cup part of the Universal Joint, gearboxes and mounts to hopefully provide a solution for just about every need.

The Universal Joint is always placed over the bogie pivot point to reduce the movement on corners, and the main drive shaft runs in 3 brass bushes to prolong the life of the bogie. The cup section of a 1.5mm Universal Joint is fitted to the end of the drive shaft as standard. Additional Universal Joint components and shafting may be ordered separately to connect the In-Line bogie to a motor or gearbox. A range of motors, mountings and gearboxes are available to complete your model powertrain.

Two wires, each 300mm (11 3/4") long are connected to the pickups.

The same choice of gauges, wheel sizes, number of axles, wheelbase etc. as the standard BullAnt is offered, naturally. The Lateral Action option can be ordered to cater for tight radius corners. Power pick-up is from all wheels, and there is a growing choice of mountings to attach the In-Line to the model. The cantilever end-mount is shown in the top picture.

Click here to download a zipped copy of the drawing in JPG form.

Click here to download a zipped copy of the drawing in Autocad DWG form.

A Detailed drawing of the BullAnt In-Line can be viewed by clicking on the above drawing. This large scale drawing can be save as a JPEG file by right clicking on the large scale drawing and choosing 'Save Picture As..'

How to Order..

Option: Number of Axles

The In-Line can be supplied with 2, 3 or 4 axles. In theory, there is no reason why it could not be supplied with more axles, however the design does not allow for any movement or compensation and this could limit the ability to track curves and points.

A standard In-Line is two axles and the option choice automatically defaults to to a 2 axle version. To choose a 3 or 4 axle unit, scroll down the arrow on the 'Number Of Axles' box and click on the number of axles of your choice. Additional axles cost extra because of the additional wheels, axles, gears, pickups etc. The additional amount is shown next to the option.

However, a word of caution, the In-Line design provides a rigid wheelbase, there is no lateral movement on the centre axles. This can be a problem with 3 axle configurations where the axle spacing is large and/or small radius curves are employed. A rigid frame of any length can de-rail on corners and sharp points. It is not really possible to advise a minimum radius that the In-Line will handle as it is totally variable according to wheelbase, wheel size and wheel profile.

We do offer, on the other hand, an option that provides a lateral action on the center axle. With this method, the center wheels have a slightly narrower back to back measurement and employ a nickel silver wheel housing and thinned down wheel bearings. The worm gear is also slightly thinned as well and this combination means that there is 1.3mm of lateral movement on the center axle only. Because of the additional time taken in the assembly of this option, there is a price premium charged.

Option: Wheel Size & Type

The Wheel size selection box is mandatory for all BullAnt products. The first option for wheels is: '0 Wheels, Please do not fit wheels -($6.00)' The reason for offering the In-Line without wheels is to suit those modellers who want a different wheel type to those offered by us. You will receive a discount of AUD$6.00 for not having wheels fitted.

By choosing an In-Line without wheels, you will understand that we cannot test the In-Line prior to shipping, other than basic operation, and we cannot fit the pickups. The axles are 2mm diameter and can be removed from the In-Line by gently prising the bottom half of the gearbox housing off. The gears will be greased at the factory and the wheel bearings oiled. The pickups will be supplied in the package but not fitted. Because the phosphor bronze pickups are brittle, please make any bends in the pickups gentle. One spare pickup will be supplied in case you learn this lesson the hard way. Just to give yourself an idea how much bending they can take, make a small bend at the extremity of the contact finger and see how many times you can change the angle of the bend.

All our wheels conform to the NMRA RP25 wheel profile, and are hub insulated on one or both wheels. Solid disc wheels are made from machined nickel silver, while spoked wheels have a moulded Delrin centre and either nickel silver tyres or chemically blackened brass. Wheel sizes are quoted in both metric and imperial (inch) measurements, the inch measurement is in brackets.

The wheel choice is quite descriptive, '9.6mm(.378") Code 88 NS Disc' means an RP25 profile wheel of 9.6mm or .378 inch diameter with a tread width of .088" or 2.24mm, as a nickel silver solid disc wheel. This wheel might also be described as a 'Code 88' or 'finescale' wheel. Normal tread width for most HO wheels is Code 110, meaning that the tread width is .11" or 2.79mm.

We have the ability to produce solid disc wheels to your specifications, the minimum run is 500 wheels, call us for a quote.

To help with choosing wheels sizes, the table below equates the available In-Line wheel sizes in millimetres to the actual wheel sizes in inches. Sizes are provided for 3 of the popular scales.

OO Scale 1:76
HO Scale 1:87
TT Scale 1:120
20 1/2"
28 1/4"
27 1/2"
37 3/4"
25 1/4"
28 3/4"
45 1/4"
31 1/2"
49 1/2"
37 3/4"
34 3/4"
39 3/4"
54 3/4"
56 1/2"

Option: Tram or Trolley Wiring

If you intend to use your In-Line in a tram or trolley and would like the In-Line to be wired accordingly, there is an optional wiring scheme that costs no extra.

The standard option provides two 300mm long leads wired to the pickups on both sides of the In-Line bogie.

The second option connects all wheels together and provides a 300mm black wire to be used for trolley pole reverse operation, where the trolley poles and hooks control the direction of travel.

Option: Track Gauge

At present we offer the In-Line in 9, 10.5, 12, 14.2, 16.5, 18.2, & 18.83mm track gauges. These gauges are also listed as their common gauge such as HOn3, TT, HO/00, EM, P4 gauge.

Please note that while we do make mechanisms to 9mm gauge, we do not make these items to N scale. The 9mm gauge is offered for modellers who require a narrow gauge in a larger scale. In many cases, these mechanisms may be too large for N scale.

We may add to this range as demand dictates. Every gauge added to the list requires different length axles and jigs to assemble the wheel sets with the correct back-to-back measurement. If you want a gauge that is not offered, please email us and enquire, we may be able to help.

Option: Drive Ratio

The In-Line bogies can be optioned with either the standard gear drive or the belt-drive. The gear drive is the more conventional method, but is inherently noisy, whereas the belt-drive is quieter.

The drive belt is no ordinary rubber, but rather a synthetic type called EPDM, with enhanced characteristics suited to this type of drive. Please do not confuse this drive system with the old Athearn rubber band drives, it is a far more sophisticated drive than that. The belt is a precise square shape, 0.6mm square, and it runs in a 'V' groove machined into the brass pulleys for better grip.

This option has come about due to the need to find ever-quieter drive systems, and this is one way it can be done. The Elastomeric Drive also means a reduction in the length of the In-Line drive, shortening the amount of overhang at the front end. A tiny ball bearing supports the side load introduced by the band tension to reduce wear.

The drive will be offered in two gear ratios, 15 to 1 and 27 to 1, and will not replace the geared version of the In-Line, but rather supplement it. Your choice should be determined by the type of operation you expect the model to work in. A slow speed shunter or switcher would probably be best with the 26:1 or 27:1 ratio, while a fast mainline locomotive would be better with the 15:1 option.

A spare belt will be supplied with each unit, and the belts are utter simplicity to fit.

Option: Wheelbase

This box is mandatory for all BullAnt products. The wheelbase is the distance from the centre of one axle to the centre of the next. You should simply type a number in this box corresponding to the desired wheelbase, acurate to the nearest 0.25mm or .01". You can enter the wheelbase in metric form as eg: 22.5 or in inches as .886"

If you have chosen an In-Line with more than two axles, type the first axle to axle distance, then a + symbol and then the next distance, and so on. The axles can be at different spacings if you wish, but please make sure the wheel sizes do not cause an overlap. The In-Line gear box will be at the start of the specification, so if you typed 20 + 30 +40, then the gearbox will automatically be placed at the 20 end.

The minimum wheelbase is 17mm. for a 2 axle unit. If you specify a wheelbase less than 17mm, we will not be able to complete your order and will contact you.

The table below shows some popular wheelbases in feet and inches equated to the scale size in millimetres. Conversions are shown for 3 of the popular scales. The resultant wheelbases have been taken to the nearest 1/4 millimetre as this is the accuracy we work to.

OO Scale 1:76
HO Scale 1:87
TT Scale 1:120
3' 6"
3' 9"
4' 0"
4' 3"
4' 6"
4' 9"
5' 0"
5' 3"
5' 6"
5' 9"
6' 0"
6' 3"
6' 6"
6' 9"
7' 0"
7' 3"
7' 6"
7' 9"
8' 0"
8' 3"
8' 6"
8' 9"
9' 0"

Option: Mounting Bolster

With this option, you can choose the size of nickel silver bolster for mounting the In-Line to your model. There are two types of bolster, a cross mounting and an end mounting, and you can order any type as swiveling or fixed. There are, in addition, three sizes for each bolster.

The plain bolsters on the left are the cross mounting versions and the 3 on the right are the end or cantilever mount versions. The cross bolsters have had the side fold removed to make it simpler to mount the In-Line, but the end mounts retain the folds. The mounting holes are all 2.0mm diameter and the spacing between the two holes on the end mount versions is 3.5mm. The mounting hole centres for the 20, 26 and 32mm cross mounts are respectively 17, 23 and 29mm. The distance from the bogie mounting hole to the centre line of the end mounts for the 26, 32 and 38mm end mounts are respectively 22.9, 28.9 and 34.9mm.

The 26mm end mount is suitable for In-Lines with wheelbases up to 38mm, the 36mm mount suits wheelbases up to 46mm and the 38mm suits wheelbases up to 50mm.

You also have the option of having the bolster swivelling, which would be the normal case, so the bogie can rotate in the model, or fixed. The fixed option has the bolster attached (soldered) to the spine section so it does not rotate. This option is quite often used where the unit is fitted to a fixed wheelbase model. Note that each bolster option has the choice of swivelling or fixed.

Some modellers will prefer to have extra fixed bolsters to make the attachment to their model easier. If this is the case, please leave us a note in the comments section of the order.

Three new mounts have been introduced to help make bogie mounting more flexible. These mounts have a wider spread at the ends, with 2mm diameter holes placed 11.5mm apart. They are otherwise the same length as the standard 20, 26 and 32mm mounts, and the hole centres are the same, at 17mm for the 20mm mount, 23 for the 26 and 29 for the 32.

The total width of the widened section is 15.5mm. The Bat Wings will restrict rotation of the bogie slightly, but should not affect the rotation for all but the most extreme angles.

Quantity & Select Fields

To the right of the Product Option column, there is a quantity field that defaults to one unit, so if you wish to order more than one In-Line of a given specification, enter the quantity in this field. The Select field must be clicked to order the product, and will display a tick. You can de-select the product by clicking the Select field again. You can also order a dummy unit at the same time by filling in the fields and selecting the dummy.

To order an In-Line of a different specification, click on the 'Order Selected Products' button at the bottom of the page and you will be shown the contents of your shopping list. Then select 'Continue Shopping' to order an In-Line of a different specification.

The shopping cart page also gives you the ability to calculate the cost of your purchase to date in other currencies, there is a link to X-Rates under the summary box.

Local Taxes - GST

Australian purchasers must pay the Goods and Services Tax, it is included in the price. Overseas purchasers do not pay this tax, and it will be automatically deducted from the price if you indicate you are an overseas customer.

Checking Out

As part of the checkout process, we first need you to tell us your details so we can contact you if there is a problem with your order and also where you are so the program can calculate the shipping cost. There is a box on this page that allows you to enter any special notes or requests for our attention.

By clicking on 'Continue', the program will calculate the cost of freight and the next page gives you a number of choices as to which freight method you want to use.

You then see a further summary page showing the total price payable, with shipping included and, if you are an overseas customer, the GST component deducted.

Finally, you will be given the choice of method to pay, and if you choose credit card, you will be passed through to e-Way, our payment gateway provider.

If in doubt, call us...

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you, so either send an email to the address shown on the 'Contact Us' page, or telephone us on +61 3 5629 1100. Please check your time zone though, we are in Eastern Australia and do not like phone calls in the middle of the night.

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