Mechanism for the Knightwing 0-4-0 Industrial Shunter

Based on a Jung model

The Knightwing drive mechanism was designed in conjunction with George Dent, noted modeller and author, for a project George was working on. It will be featured in a forthcoming book by George and also in Model Rail No. 184 July 2013 edition. The above photo, courtesy of George, shows the completed model.

The photo shows the Knightwing 0-4-0 shunter in partially assembled state with the Hollywood Foundry drive fitted.


The drive almost completely fills the engine compartment of the model with a powerful, smooth belt drive. The motor is a Mashima 1628 with plenty of power and a slow maximum speed, coupled with a silent 32:1 belt drive. The drive is ready to fit to the model, all you need to do is drill two mounting holes, 2mm in diameter and fit the drive with the supplied screws. A template for drilling the two holes is supplied with each drive mechanism.

The drive features excellent slow speed performance with a smoother silent operation. Given that enough weight could be added to the model, this drive would easily out-perform the prototype in terms of pulling power.

Model Rail Article

Model Rail have generously provided a PDF copy of the article in Model Rail No. 184 July 2013 edition for you to download in order to perform the installation. Just click on the picture below to view it, or right click and choose 'save as' to save it to your computer. Please Note, this is a large file, 9Mb in size.

Download Model Rail 184

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