The BullAnt LoBoy Trolley Truck

A Familiar Concept in Trolley Trucks

The BullAnt LoBoy Trolley truck is a similar design to that used on brass trolley models from the past, such as those made by S. Soho & Co. and Suydam. However, in many cases, the plastic gears on those older trucks have split over the years, resulting in loss of drive.

We have deliberately produced a drive of similar design and dimensions so that you can replace the trucks with a newer and more reliable design that will not suffer from split gears. All gears attached to drive shafts are brass gears, so they will not split and cause slippage. The idler gears in between are made of Delrin and exhibit far superior wear characteristics to the older plastic gears. In addition, all gears are helical cut for smooth and quiet operation. The idler gears run on specially machined nickel silver rivet shafts with phosphor bronze washers. The axles run in brass bearings for maximum service life. The gear ratio of the LoBoy is fixed at 15:1

The drive connection is via a 1.5mm Delrin universal joint cup attached to the central drive shaft under the power truck. The cup is located directly over the pivot point to eliminate any lengthening of the drive. If you prefer to use the original spring drive from the model, the cup can be removed and a small brass tube adaptor (supplied) fits over the shaft to accommodate the collar of the spring drive.

The nickel silver bolster has side plates to attach cosmetic side frames to, they can either be soldered or glued to these plates. At a later time we are considering making an alternate frame that accepts the Bowser pin system to permit Bowser frames to be used.

You have a choice of two methods of power pick up. The standard LoBoy has the truck wheels insulated on one side only. The truck is therefore live, and can be electrically connected to the model chassis or insulated. Insulators are provided in the 'Bag O' Bits' supplied with each truck, along with various screws, washers and solder tags. The truck is therefore compatible with two rail or overhead wire pole operation. However you can also select an option to have non-insulated wheels so that the LoBoy can be used on systems that use overhead power collection only.

A number of Hollywood Foundry motors, gearboxes and motor mounts can be used in conjunction with the LoBoy for new models, keeping the drive as inconspicuous as possible, and where the design of the model permits, under the floor. Connection to the motor can be via our 1.5mm silver steel shafts, the original spring drive, or a neoprene tubing connection to the motor.

A comprehensive instruction sheet is included with each truck to help you attach and drive it effectively.

Dummy Non-Powered Truck

A non-powered dummy truck can be purchased where you do not want to drive both trucks, but want a matching truck to go with the main powered one. This truck is of identical construction, except it contains no gears. The axles use the same brass bearings as the LoBoy, and run quite freely.

The 'Bag O' Bits'

Each LoBoy will be supplied with a small bag of parts to make it easy to mount the LoBoy to your chassis and couple it to the motor. There is a selection of nickel silver and Delrin washers to make either an insulated attachment to the chassis, or one that conducts power. A silicone washer is provided as an anti-wobble measure, plus a small length of silicone tubing to connect a motor shaft and a brass tube adaptor to connect to the older Suydam or Soho spring drive connectors.

Sizes and Options

Part of the idea of the LoBoy Trolley Truck is to keep the number of options to a minimum, so that it will be possible for shops to stock the trucks.

We will be introducing more wheelbases as demand dictates. Currently there are 5 wheelbases available.

Two gauges will be offered, HO gauge (16.5mm) and HOn3.5 (12mm) The HOn3.5 version permits modelers to model trolleys in 3' 6" gauge if they wish, as on the Los Angeles Railway. We have produced a version for S gauge as well and will consider adding it to the range.

Eight wheel sizes are offered, 24", 26", 28", 30", 33", 36", 37.5" and 40". These are respectively 7.0mm, 7.5mm, 8.1mm, 8.7mm, 9.6mm, 10.5mm, 11mm and 11.6mm in diameter. All wheels are solid nickel silver, Code 110 for HO Gauge and Code 88 for HOn3.5 gauge. Note that Code 88 wheels are automatically fitted to all HOn3.5 trucks now.

Can I Get Help with Fitting the LoBoy?

We converted an old Soho LARy type H-1 brass model, using the LoBoy trucks. This exercise is helpful in showing how the conversion was done and may be of benefit when fitting the LoBoy to a new design. See how it was done here.

You can also see an example in the Gallery where Howard Andrews converted a Fairfield models Pittsburgh Railways Jones car. He removed the original open frame motor driving one truck with a spring belt drive, and fitted a Mashima motor driving both trucks.


How To Purchase..

Quantity & Select Fields

To the right of the Product Option column, there is a quantity field that defaults to one unit, so if you wish to order more than one product of a given specification, enter the quantity in this field. The Select field must be clicked to order the product, and will display a tick. You can de-select the product by clicking the Select field again. You can also order a dummy unit at the same time by filling in the fields and selecting the dummy.

To order a LoBoy of a different specification, click on the 'Order Selected Products' button at the bottom of the page and you will be shown the contents of your shopping list. Then select 'Continue Shopping' to order a LoBoy of a different specification.

The shopping cart page also gives you the ability to calculate the cost of your purchase to date in other currencies, there is a link to X-Rates under the summary box.

Local Taxes - GST

Australian purchasers must pay the Goods and Services Tax, it is included in the price. Overseas purchasers do not pay this tax, and it will be automatically deducted from the price if you indicate you are an overseas customer.

Checking Out

As part of the checkout process, we first need you to tell us your details so we can contact you if there is a problem with your order and also where you are so the program can calculate the shipping cost. There is a box on this page that allows you to enter any special notes or requests for our attention.

By clicking on 'Continue', the program will calculate the cost of freight and the next page gives you a number of choices as to which freight method you want to use.

You then see a further summary page showing the total price payable, with shipping included and, if you are an overseas customer, the GST component deducted.

Finally, you will be given the choice of method to pay, and if you choose credit card, you will be passed through to e-Way, our payment gateway provider.

If in doubt, call us...

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you, so either send an email to the address shown on the 'Contact Us' page, or telephone us on +61 3 5629 1100. Please check your time zone though, we are in Eastern Australia and do not like phone calls in the middle of the night.

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