Mechanism for the Dapol Park Royal Rail Bus

The mechanism is really just a very long BullAnt, and as such, is priced the same as a normal BullAnt with 1024 motor. It does have some special features however, two sets of pick-ups and a 38:1 belt drive to produce the quietest of operation. The Mashima 1024 motor has plenty of power, and with all-wheel drive and all-wheel pickup has excellent slow speed performance. The solid nickel silver wheels are to the NMRA RP25 standard, Code 110 width.

The mechanism is easily converted for DCC operation, and was tested with a Digitrax DZ143 decoder and worked beautifully at slow speed.

The mechanism comes with a comprehensive set of instructions explaining how to fit to the Dapol kit. It is best to purchase the mechanism before beginning construction of the Dapol kit, as the assembly sequence is quite different. Installation requires just drilling four holes and cutting a rectangular hole in the floor.

This photograph shows the installed meachanism in the floor of the rail bus:

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