Sidewinder 1 Gearbox

Low Height Underfloor Gearbox

The Sidewinder 1 Underfloor Gearbox is intended to be mounted on the underside of the floor of a model to put the entire powertrain beneath the model. The drivetrain of the gearbox has been folded sideways to minimise the height of the gearbox. The overall height of the motor/gearbox combination is just 11.5mm!

The Sidewinder 1 is primarily intended to drive a single Gozunder bogie, although the gearbox is actually double-ended with a Universal Joint cup on both sides to the output shaft. The Sidewinder 2, soon to be released, will have an extended output shaft to better cope with driving both bogies.

The picture below shows the Sidewinder 1 in a typical underfloor application.

The Sidewinder 1 Gearbox has its output shaft off-centre and is suited to larger scale models where the width of the model is sufficient to allow the output shaft to be placed along the centre-line of the model. There are two mounting lugs on one side that can be cut off if necessary to reduce the width of the gearbox.

When used with the Gozunder bogie, the use of a Telescopic Cardan Shaft kit is recommended.

The sidewinder 1 comes with a choice of 3 Mashima 10 Series motors, the MHK-1015, MHK-1020 and MHK-1024. A fixed gearbox ratio of 1.8:1, in combination with the Gozunder ratio of 15:1 provides a total drive ratio of 27:1 at the wheels.


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