Replacement for the Tri-ang MkII Motor Bogie

The Hollywood Foundry replacement bogie is a specially designed version of the BullAnt Major. It has a special mounting frame and offset motor mount to enable it to become a drop-in replacement for the Tri-ang Mk II bogie, versions A, B, C, D and E. While the New bogie is aimed firmly at the Tri-ang Blue Pullman model, it can also be used to replace the bogie in any of the Tri-ang models that used the Mk II A through E motor bogies.

The New bogie features a Mashima 1626 motor, fitted with flywheel and a 15:1 ratio, heavy duty belt drive. If you are nervous about the idea of a belt drive, you should know that this is not a 'rubber band' drive similar to those used years ago. It uses a high quality synthetic belt of the same type used in VCRs, Camcorders, CD-ROM drives etc. And just to allay fears, we always include a spare belt, even though you probably will not need it.

The motor has been offset towards the rear of the bogie to allow for the cab area on the Blue Pullman model. Wheels are 12mm solid nickel silver, NMRA RP25 profile, Code 110 width. The wheels are close to the original Tri-ang size of 12.5mm in order to maintain coupler height, however those who wish to achieve a more prototypical model can optionally have the correct 14mm wheels fitted. A further option is the mounting for the original tension-lock coupling, shown fitted to the example above.

A unique feature of the New bogie is the method of attachment and pivoting. The nickel silver frame attaches to the Tri-ang model using the original screw, but unlike the old bogie, it does not pivot at all. Instead, the frame is rigidly locked to the chassis and pivots down at the wheel level, underneath the motor. This technique eliminates the tendency of the old bogie to 'wheelstand' and lose traction. A phosphor bronze spring allows limited all-axis movement to accommodate uneven track, and provides superior track-holding.

The 15:1 ratio drive produces a balance between the scale top speed of 90mph and excellent low speed performance. However the model will be slightly slower using the 12mm wheels, use 14mm wheels if you like a faster unit. The crawl speed can be even further improved when the model is fitted for DCC operation using a decoder with Back-EMF detection.

One drawback of the original design of the Tri-ang model is the placement of the power bogie at the front of the model. This position limits the tractive effort of the model, it can actually pull more load when the locmotive section is run the other way around. The Hollywood Foundry replacement bogie is lighter than the original Tri-ang bogie, so it is highly recommended you added additional weight to the locomotive to improve traction. Details of how to do this are explained in the instruction sheet that comes with the bogie.

Exchanging the old Tri-ang bogie for the new one could not be simpler, all you require is a screwdriver and 5 minutes of your time, it is that easy!

Cast Bogie Side Frames

When used with the Blue Pullman, cast bogie side frames can be purchased from Genesis Kits, the contact is Ken Bridger. Contact details are: Genesis Kits, Willingham Road, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 3DN. Tel:01673 843236, Web Site: and email address is: Here

Ken will provide a set of cast side frames for £5.00 including P&P. Be sure to ask for the side frames to suit the Hollywood Foundry bogie. Ken can also provide replacement cast bogies for the other cars in the Pullman set.

Pick-Up and Replacement Wheel Sets

Hollywood Foundry also provides a pick-up kit consisting of four etched phosphor bronze pick-ups, screws and wire. The kit is sufficient to fit out two bogies. Of course the original wheels in the Blue Pullman set are plastic, so we also provide drop-in wheel sets in both 12mm and 14mm sizes. These are solid nickel silver wheels of RP25 profile, Code 110 width, fitted to non-magnetic brass pin-point axles.

You can achieve improved and more reliable power collection simply by exchanging the wheels and fitting the pick-up kit to the rear bogie of the Blue Pullman power car.

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