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Scale Calculator

The Scale Calculator is a small Windows application that does real-time scale calculations from feet and inches or metres. It is a small window that sits on top of any other application you are running at the time.

Simply type in the actual size in feet and inches or metres and the calculator shows the scale size in millimeters. The Scale Calculator comes with conversion for HO, 00, 7mm and 1/48 scale. If your chosen scale is not shown, no problem. Add your own! Full instructions for use are available by clicking the help button.

The Scale Calculator also backwards converts. Type in the scale size and it converts back to feet and inches or metres, which ever is selected at the time.

The Scale Calculator is available only for Windows, and comes as a zipped up Windows installation file. It is brought to you by Hollywood Foundry.

Download The Scale Calculator Now!

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Wagon Check Letter Calculator

The Wagon Check Letter Calculator is a handy tool when you are placing class decals on your wagons. It calculates the additional check letter used nowadays on modern wagons.

Simply type the combination alpha-numeric code into the Wagon Code box, click on Calculate and the correct check letter is displayed in the Check box.

The Wagon Check Letter Calculator is available only for Windows and comes as a zipped up Windows installation file. It is brought to you by our friends at Steam Era Models.

While you are here, check out the website at Steam Era Models They have a great range of Victorian Railways kits available and are the originators of the Black Beetle motor bogies.

Download The Wagon Check Letter Calculator Now!

BullAnt 3D Design Files

For those who use three dimensional CAD files to plan or design their models, we have now provided copies of the design files used to create the BullAnt, similar to that shown on the right.

The files are available in three formats, Autocad DWG file, Autocad DXF file and TurboCad TCW file. The TurboCad TCW file has the added benefit that the surface colours and textures are preserved in the file. The DWG file is zipped up but the TCW file is not. The DXF file is large, approx. 1.97MB.

Download Autocad DWG File Now!

Download Autocad DXF File Now! (Right click and select 'Save As')

Download TurboCad TCW File Now!

For those who would simply like a PDF copy of the BullAnt specifications, this document shows the important dimensions and some useful information about the Mashima motors.

Download the BullAnt Specification Sheet Now!

Scale Speed Calculator

The Scale Speed Calculator is a very handy little tool for working out what combination of BullAnt bits you need to achieve the correct prototypical speed for your model.

You select your scale from a list that includes just about every known scale, then select the BullAnt components you wish to use, the wheel size and gear ratios, and the top scale speed is displayed in Miles per hour and Kilometres per Hour.

The motors were calibrated using precision tools to make the calculator as accurate as possible.

The Scale Speed Calculator is available only for Windows, and comes as a zipped up Windows installation file. It is brought to you by Hollywood Foundry.

Download the Scale Speed Calculator now!



The software offered for download here is provided as-is and may not be sold. Hollywood Foundry and Steam Era Models provide this software free as a service to railway modellers but take no responsibility for the failure or otherwise of this software. By downloading this software you are acknowledging acceptance of these conditions.

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