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Niles Box Motor by Bruce Battles, Menlo Park, CA.

From a Labelle kit with BullAnt HO Gauge, 25mm wheelbase & 9.6mm code 110 nickel silver disc wheels.

Niles Box Motor by Bruce Battles, Menlo Park, CA.

Shows model disassembled.

Brill Car by Bruce Battles, Menlo Park, CA.

BullAnt HO Gauge, 25mm wheelbase & 9.6mm code 110 nickel silver disc wheels.

Brill Car by Bruce Battles, Menlo Park, CA.

Shows how BullAnt is attached to floor frame.

Sentinel Motor by Graeme Brown, Victoria, Australia.

BullAnt HO gauge, 25mm wheelbase & 9.6mm disc wheels and MHK1020 motor.

Sentinel Motor by Graeme Brown, Victoria, Australia.

Modelled on the Kerang - Koondrook motor. Showing interior with cab removed.

Sacramento Northern Combine, LaBelle kit, by Bruce Potter, Alabama, USA

BullAnt HO Gauge, 22.75mm wheelbase & 10.5mm Code 110 nickel silver wheels.

Front view of Bruce's Combine with working headlight.

Interior view of SN Combine, showing BullAnt mounting and constant brightness, directional headlights and trolley pole wiring in roof.

HO scale Fairfield Models Boston Center entrance trolley in brass. Converted from a dummy by Richard Allman, of Philadelphia PA. Richard is a member of the East Penn Traction Club.

The Boston car being tested on an 8% grade on club member Bob Dietrich's layout. That's Richard playing the proud owner.

An experimental BullAnt design for an On30 gauge cane locomotive. Overlayed over the loco. drawing to show position. Drawing by Jim Fainges.

Another view of the cane loco mechanism. Note that the motor overhangs the front to get it out of the cab area.

BullAnt uses 1024 motor, 60:1 gearbox and 14mm, Code 110 wheels. The centre axle employs the Lateral Action option to improve small radius performance.

A 2-6-0 T of the Chemins de Fer Départementaux du Tarn (France) by Michel Viers. The drawing shows how the BullAnt fits in the model.

View of the locomotive chassis. It would seem that Michel has moved the wheels in to 12mm gauge leaving extended axles for the motion gear.

A view of the completed model. Excellent work Michel.

From Cyril Ducrocq in France comes another batch of 5 beautiful French models. This is a 1935 era B&L Var railcar that ran on the French Riviera.

This view shows the mounting of the BullAnt in the model. These models are all in HOm, or metre gauge.

The Bodies are made using SLA tecniques.

The test model for another railcar that ran in the Britany district.

3D images of a proposed Tramway des Alpes Maritimes (TAM) railcar from the mountainous area of the French Riviera.

3D model of proposed De Dion Bouton OC1 railcar wich ran in Britany and in Corsica until 1968.

The next 3 images are from a proposed model of an SGLM electric railcar that ran in the French Alps.

Cut-away view showing railcar interior. Note cast weight over BullAnt to improve traction and hide the mechanism.

BullAnt bogie fitted with cosmetic sideframes.

Thank you to Cyril Ducrocq for these pictures.

Three photographs of Portugese CP 9000 Series narrow gauge locomotives by Carlos Brazão. These are 9002 type.

9004 type. These models are scratchbuilt from brass and plastic in HOm, with 12mm BullAnt mechanisms.

The BullAnts in these models were supplied by Andy Mullins of Branchlines in the UK.

Well done Carlos.

Chassis and interior detail of a Chicago Surface Lines Pullman car installed by Carl Lantz for Bruce Goehmann.

The same car pictured on Bruce Goehmann's Lake Park Station

And again in front of the Orpheum Theater is on Ken Spengler's Beerfield module.

Thanks to Carl for these photos.

These two pictures are of a 4mm scale BR Railbus modelled by Matthew Briggs of Walsall in the West Midlands of the U.K.

Matthew used a BullAnt with a 79mm wheelbase, the longest we have made so far. Matthew says it handles curves and steep gradients very well.

The De Dion Bouton OC1 railcar featured earlier as a 3D Model is now a reality, and soon to be released as a kit.

Designed by Cyril Ducrocq, the OC1 features a BullAnt drive concealed in the front of the railcar.

View from underneath the OC1 model. Thanks to Cyril Ducrocq for these photographs.

From Stefan Appelmans in Belgium, two railcars, a 49XX on the left and a 553XX on the right.

Under the 553XX model, the power train is a single Gozunder bogie and a dummy. The motor has a unique swivelling action to track the bogie.

The 49XX model uses a pair of modified BullAnts to create a low profile drive with a central motor, leaving the cabin space free.

A Beautiful little model of a Locotracteur Crochat 14L-4-60 of World War I vintage. Crafted in 009 scale by Neil Moss in the UK.

The body is entirely made of etched nickel silver, and uses a 9mm gauge BullAnt with 15.5mm wheelbase.

This drawing shows how Neil managed to squeeze the BullAnt into the body shell by shaping the flywheel.

A model of the Emu Bay Railway Company diesel locomotive PVH-1. The EBR operated on the west and north coast of Tasmania.

The model was scratchbuilt by Andrew Collier. The original still exists, preserved by the Derwent Valley Railway.

Andrew used a BullAnt Major, 4 axles, 1632 motor and 12mm gauge. We provided extended axles to allow for the fly cranks.

An SF Muni car from Bruce Battles of Menlo Park, CA. The model is from a kit by Greg King of Transit Classics.

Powered by BullAnt, naturally.

From Christophe Boulert in Belgium, a Billard A80, with a whimsical touch. The driver is a cow. Mechanics by BullAnt naturally!

Howard Andrews of Canton, Michigan, has re-powered a Fairfield models single-ended Pittsburgh Railways Jones car. Both trucks are now driven.

The original spring belt drive unit with open frame motor is at the top, with the new chassis below, featuring a pair of LoBoy trucks and a 1.8:1 gearbox with Mashima motor.

A Kidder Birney Car by Bruce Battles, Menlo Park, CA.

28mm wheelbase BullAnt with 26" wheels, 1024 motor and 31:1 Gears.

Another pair of fine models from Cyril Ducrocq. This time featuring the extremely cute "Tramway des Alpes Maritime"

The baggage car is fitted with a BullAnt with 31:1 gear ratio, while the second class passenger car has a dummy bogie.

A large cast weight has been fitted over the BullAnt to improve traction.

Cyril Ducrocq again, a beautiful model of the Swiss T6, for the Chemin de fer SGLM.

A large whitemetal weight over the power bogies ensures good traction.

Two BullAnts power the model. Note the exquisite detail in the underframe and bogies.

Another fine model from Bruce Battles, this time a West Towns Car powered by BullAnt.

Pete DeBeers of Pasadena, CA, member of the Southern California Traction Club used LoBoys and a Half Floor motor mount to re-power his Suydam Pacific Electric 1544 "Electra" Switcher.

Pete used the 6' LoBoys with the snap stud mount which not only made replacing the old trucks easy, but kept the 1544 at its proper prototypical height. The motor is a Mashima 1620 with 2:1 gear tower giving the switcher a nice low speed and plenty of pulling power.

A Model Company Malcolm Moore tractor & Grandt Line battery electric from Bernhard Gutterer. Both are 12mm gauge. Note engine detail glued to motor. Very clever.


This time a Wrightlines diesel and a ZL105, again from Bernhard.






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