BullAnt Special Features

If you require special features added to your BullAnt or BullAnt major, there are a number of options that can be ordered. Contact us to discuss these further.

Motor Overhang

The following photograph shows a bullant with a 60:1 gearbox and 20mm of overhang at the front end. In this case, the overhang is required to keep the motor out of the cab area. This option costs approximately $10.00 extra.

Extended Axles

BullAnts can be ordered with extended axles to allow outside cranks to be fitted. Axles up to 36mm in length may be fitted. Extended axles cost $2.50 per axle extra.

Jackshaft Drive

One of the axles can be used for a jackshaft drive. The jackshaft may have different axle length to the main wheels, and will be driven at the same speed as the main wheels. The jackshaft must be in line with the remaining axles. No charge is made for this option, however there may be an additional charge if the shaft is extended. A 3 axle plus jackshaft BullAnt is charged as a 4 axle unit.

The chassis shown below features extended axles plus a jackshaft drive at the rear end.

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